Here's another worth to visit cafe and a posh boutique in one. I have been planning to visit this cafe for quiet a while now.

I have blogged about their second cafe that is located in Capitol, If you haven't read the post yet you can check it out here --->
We actually went to Streetscape because I wanted to experience Cafe Merci that I blog about a few days ago. I have been craving for some strawberry dessert and it led us to visit and experience Sip Cafe x Trifona Clothing & Fashion Accessories. Since my friends were starving a little and would want to eat something for dinner before we indulged with our sweet cravings, we opted to just dine here since we've been meaning to experience this unique cafe.

This is what the cafe looks like from the outside. I love the bright lights that made it looks classy.
We saw our beauty queen Steffi Aberasturi near the entrance since she's the face of Trifona. Oh, not me, the one below beside the menu. 😁


This is what the inside of the cafe looks like, look at my friend @simpledemple smiling in the camera. Hello my friend!



You know the drill already, we ordered what to eat and did the mandatory photoshoots for the blog. I asked my friend Demple for my ootd photos while Jezevyl asked me to take some photos and videos of her for her vlog since she's also vlogging. I've been trying to have her on board but she's a little busy with work, vlogging and being a mommy to her beautiful daughter Zadie. Maybe soon, when she'll have an ample time and decide to join Hive with an open heart.
For my outfit, I was actually inspired by Shin Min Ah in Hometown Cha Cha (you can watch it on Netflix) for episode 12 where she wore all pink and I am actually loving her wardrobe. I get my inspiration from her the past few days. You see, you don't need to wear designer brands to look posh, you just have to use your creativity and some confidence to pull it off.

For our food, both Demple and Jez have ordered one of their breakfast bowl, the smoked bacon steak ($4.64), while my Korean soul made me chose their Kim-Gogi-Bap($5.82).
Kim-gogi-bap is a kimchi fried rice topped with sautéd vegetables, beef bulgogi and fried egg.



We had a group photo before we finally dig in! The verdict for the food, I think my order is good for 2 persons since I wasn't able to finish them all or maybe I just really ate a little because I have to save some space for the dessert. One serving is too much for me but it taste really good! My Korean palate have approved and gave the meal a 5 star. While Demple's verdict for her food will be posted on her blog too so let's just wait for it.

Dropping all the photos we managed to take inside the cafe and I'm loving this side here! I guess my pastel color belongs here.
I found their logo so chic as well!



There are a lot of cute pieces inside. I'll definitely go back to shop for these pastel outfits. I'd love to have them on my wardrobe.

Overall, it's a great cafe! The ambiance, the food, the uniqueness of the place seems really interesting for me and so instagramable!

Sip Cafe x Trifona Clothing & Accessories is located at Streetscape Mall, Phase 2 Paseo Saturnino, Cebu City. Opening hours is from 7am-9pm during weekdays and they closes until 10pm during weekends. They can also deliver through foodpanda app or you can call them at (032) 326 7618.

Let's go Cafe Hopping?

Disclosure: All photos were taken by me and my friend Demple using her iPhone and was edited on my Lightroom.


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