Eversince I started blogging, I always wanted to have my own space for my ootd's. I used to dream of having my very own walk-in closet where I can hang all of my clothes, bags, my accessories and a place where I can do my makeup. A place I can be comfortable doing some sassy staff without disturbance. Finally, after so many years of waiting I now have my own space. As you all know, my sister just moved out after getting married and we already had an agreement that as soon as she moved out I will be having her room as a walk-in closet. My sisters @jongcl @eeventuree and @swaycanete didn't argue with me anymore since I'm now the eldest in the house. After we fixed our roof that was destroyed by the typhoon, we also fixed the floors and the walls in our mini attic where my sister's room is located. Right after the renovation, it's my turn to beautify the space.


This is the before photo of it. I and Sway, actually switched position since this was her room and the other part was my sister's. Right below of her room is my room, so we needed to switch. Since there were brick wallpapers I needed to scrape them off because I needed to paint them white. As you all know, to make the tiny room looks spacious, white is the perfect color! I need not to worry since I have a little helper who willingly helped me removed it.


It took me two days to finish everything. I was too tired that I wasn't able to take photos of the pipe that I used to hang the clothes that I also spray painted gold to make it look beautiful.



I was too excited to finish this last weekend, I am still waiting for the little sticker wall mirrors that will be installed this week by yours truly.



I was actually struggling to bring my vanity mirror, I have to disassemble some parts and asked my sister @jongcl to help me move it through our stairs. Yes it was heavy, I have so many wounds all over my body but all of it was worth it after seeing the result.
I am so happy that I'd get to fulfill my long time dream, though it isn't that big but it is mine. I can't wait to beautify it more as soon as the things I ordered online arrives.

For the mean time, I hung this whole body mirror so I can use it while choosing which outfit to wear. πŸ₯°

Do you have a long time dream that you wanted to fulfill? What do you think about mine? ☺️



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