Every start of the year, I have been blogging on my previous platform, before Hive, about my blogging goals. Hive is definitely different! As you all know, hive motivates us to continue writing because of the support that we get from the communities here. Of course, I wouldn't deny the fact that it's inspiring to write more because of the rewards we get from every post and engagements. I am actually in disbelief that I have been blogging spontaneously for the past six months because of hive. I used to apologize back then, to my readers, for the long hiatus on the blog for months. But with Hive, it's different. Still, I wanted to write my blogging goals for this year, 2022.

Commitment. Yes! This year, I wanted to commit myself to be active on the platform everyday. Though, I won't be posting new contents everyday but I will be engaging on other communities to support new on-boarded members.

I wanted to publish something new. Like publishing short stories that I wrote. I'm not that really confident though because back in wattpad, I just wanted to write it in Tagalog and English. I'll try my best though to write inspiring short stories to expand my horizons. And oh! Book reviews too, since I'll be reading more books this year. I also wanted to share the things I do on my own, like traveling solo perhaps. I wanted to focus on the things I'd do for self-love.

Also, I wanted to blog often about my fitness journey this year. I wanted to try doing yoga with my @hivecebubloggers family. Like the one that @asasiklause is proposing.

Once in a while, I would also want to blog about leadership. I wanted to share about my meetups with new invites to impart my knowledge about hive and also to inspire others to share how this platform is different from social medias.

Beauty and fashion will also be part of the blog topics that I wanted to tackle more. Of course, travel and food will always be present. ☺️
Lastly, I wanted to have fun while blogging. As I share my inputs I wanted to make my readers smile too. As much as possible, I wanted to share happy moments and positive outlook. I hope I can have more friends on this platform and I'm looking forward for every hive meetup. Let's all grow together on this platform and inspire each other through the continuous support and love. Happy Hiving Hiveans! πŸ₯°β£οΈ



Sassy Cebuana blogs about her personal style, lifestyle, travels, and shares about her experience being a single mom and anything in between. She wanted to inspire others by documenting it here at this little corner in hive.

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