When everything is so tough to keep going, your smile and laughter always reminds me that Life is a blessing.

I used to dream of a happy ever after. Falling in love, getting married & having kids. I can still remember, back in college days, I used to write essays about the most common topic on "How did you see yourself ten years from now?". I began writing down and started getting excited making the essay with a smile on my face. My eighteen year old self started writing "Ten years from now, I'm living my dream, working in the office, excited to go home as I see my husband waiting for me outside and pick up our little princess that is waiting for us at her grandparents house." One simple dream. But then, when I was in my early twenties, devastated after every heartbreaks, my simple dream was shattered. That's why during my mid-twenties, I only wish for one thing, to have a child. I can say that God really work wonders! My wish was granted. I got pregnant at 26, I raised my child, along with my parents & my siblings and I couldn't be happier.


I focused on becoming the best version of me for my daughter. I'm just so lucky enough to be waking up everyday beside this beautiful angel that reminds me every now and then that I am loved beyond borders. I can't be any prouder having a sweet daughter like her who hugs me when I'm sad and wipes away my tears when she sees me crying. She never fails to say I love you mommy, every now and then. She won't even let me go to work without me hugging & kissing her goodbye and her telling me "I love you mom, see you later!".


She's as bubbly as she can be, but being a kid, sometimes she stresses me out. As soon as I get home from work, everything is a disaster inside our room. Liptstick all over the wall and toys all over the floor. Especially now that she can't go out because of this pandemic. So everytime she's bored, she find ways to entertain herself. Though she always apologizes whenever I get mad.


Having her completes me. I may not have found my happy ending but I'm very happy having her around because I know at the end of the day, someone loves me more than anyone else.


She's now going back to school on her 1st grade and will be doing online class. I'm really proud that during her hiatus, she's still learning. She now knows how to read well. She thinks like a mature person sometimes, she even told me one time that I'm her bestfriend. It almost made me cry. I can't thank God enough for this wonderful blessing.

Cheers to all the mommy's out there! You're all very lucky to have your children with you. And special thanks to all her Tita's and Tito's who loves her to the point of spoiling her too much @morenatravels @jongcl @eeventuree @swaycanete @gioxide.arts & @thejoeprocess and to our lovely parents.


And to my ever dearest daughter, one day you'll get to read your mommy's blog, you know that mommy loves you to the moon and back! After all, you are my Happy Ever After. 😘


Sassy Cebuana

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