I have been wanting to use this one but I always forgot.

Since we're back to MECQ, we won't be allowed to be in the gym until August 15. I can't do workout so here I am trying to wake up early for a morning jog. This will be my first time using actifit app and I'm so excited to share my early morning run for today.

Waking up early and trying to exercise before work is a little tiring but it's rewarding when you actually sweat. I just jog and walk and jog for an hour before I went home. I'm so amazed that there were lot of commercial buildings already in the neighborhood and soon we will be few steps away from Metro Supermarket.

I just have a few run around the area and have seen few seniors having their early morning walk.
I actually enjoy this early morning exercise since I can see trees and flowers in the area. It's a little bit refreshing although we're in the City. !

I can see coconut trees and bright flowers.

After a few rounds of me walking and running, I took some self timer photos of my OOTD. 😊

Having ACTIFIT is actually great, it motivates me more to exercise and do the outdoor running while we're not allowed to go to the gym.

Before I went home, I was actually planning to buy myself some coffee at abaca coffee shop but they were still closed when I dropped by.

It's actually great that around this area, there are coffee shops, fast food, bakery and even a pharmacy. I bought my daughter a pancake for breakfast at Mc Donalds and bread at Pan De Manila for my parents. I also bought a mc Cafe for myself.

I went home at 6 in the morning and prepared for work. That's it for today's ACTIFIT morning exercise. Adios! 😊

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