Friday Shopping | My Actifit Report Card: August 6 2021

It's time to post my activity for today using actifit. I really love that you can do anything with this app and you can post it here on the blog.

Since it's holiday in Cebu today, @simpledemple and I went to the mall to process our national I.D.
We were so disappointed that when we went there, the guard told us that it will resume on the 16th after MECQ, will be lifted. We didn't received any notification on our email or mobile that our schedule was moved. Since we didn't want to waste our time, we decided to go to the mall and look for a laptop for my daughter's online class which will start on the 16th.

That's why I decided to turn on actifit and what's awesome is that there's also a shopping activity on the activity type. That's awesome right? To all newbies, I'm definitely recommending this app. It's easy to use and convenient too! You can download it on your play/app store.

So we went to Ayala and started looking for an affordable laptop that we can use for my daughter's online class. Then I saw an affordable one but it's not a laptop, it's a tablet that can be use for her online class. It's really great because it was on sale and the keyboard is for free! Yay!

It's Huawei Matepad. We purchased it through credit card and will pay it monthly using my hive earnings. So your upvotes really means a lot and you're helping this single mom on her finances. Thank you!

We stopped by at H&M for the obligatory mirror selfie. 🤣 We went to Starbucks too to drink some coffee and claimed Demple's free donut at Krispy Kreme for registering her new OC card. After drinking our coffee and eating some donuts , we went to Bo's coffee to meet Demple's sister who happened to blog at blogspot and explained to her about what hive is. She already have her intro post drafted and I can't wait to see her on this platform soon. I actually contacted Gilaine @purepinay for the VIP link so I can have her on board. Since the system is down I just went home because someone keeps on calling me and she can't wait to use her new gadget.

Look at how happy she is! She's excited for her online class since she stopped for a year because of the pandemic. Now that she's seven, she needs to study for Grade One.

Yay! That's it for my August 6, Actifit Shopping Activity. Thank you for dropping by! 😊

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