Today's early morning run went really great. I actually realized something while using actifit. It actually doesn't record the accurate steps if I only relies on my phone so I have to buy the fitbit watch sooner. Anyways, I along with my sister @eeventuree had our early morning jog today. We were both using our mobile phone but she's using an iPhone and I'm just using an Android phone. If you'll check her post you'll know that we have a big difference on the step counts. Thought it's okay, what's important is that we both had a great morning exercise.

In today's morning exercise, I was inspired by @phortun to take some photos of the beauty of nature. As I mentioned on my previous actifit post, that seeing the beautiful surroundings early in the morning inspired me to do morning exercise.

Here are some of the shots I managed to take in between my breaks.

This actually reminds me of the cherry blossom tree. Its branch, and the flowers that blossom on the branches.

And I saw this little spider. Hello there!

I hope this little tree is okay. All the leaves have fallen already.

My ever favorite coconut trees. I love seeing them. It made me feel the province life when I'm in the City.

This is our usual jogging spot. It's a few blocks away from home. For the mean time that the gym is close, I'll try to make it a habit to jog everyday.

I love that I get to jog with my sister this time since I can ask her to take photo of me on my ootd. She was convinced because of the actifit app. 😁

And oh, I've seen several people who were walking their dogs, @kcwonders you must walk Leo here and use the app too.

Right after our morning run, we went to Pan De Manila Bakery and bought some hot bread for our parents.

I saw this really cool painting inside the bakery that I decided to take a snap.

We were supposed to be three doing the morning jog today including our other sister @morenatravels but she was too lazy when we woke her up. Haha!

That's it for today! I enjoyed our early morning run and appreciating the beauty of nature at the same time. How about you? Have you gone outside and appreciate the beauty of nature too? I hope you do, but always stay safe!

See you on my next post! Adios!

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