Starting my day right with a simple walk and tagging my sister with me in this #wednesdaywalkchallenge that @dreemsteem is having for the whole month of August. . Since it's a walk challenge, I decided to just appreciate the surroundings by simply walking around. I feel like doing this enhances my mental health and I wasn't wrong about it. It made me appreciate this world we live in more despite this horrifying COVID. I can't wait to show you the photos I managed to took and put some words in it to describe how I felt when capturing these photos. I hope you'll smile too, it made me smile just by looking at it.

Title and Body Page_20210811_095509_0001.png

I lift up all my worries to him. I know that in this life time nothing is certain but you have God around. He got you! Always remember that.

How can I not smile when the sky is painted with this pastel colors?

And this sea of clouds? It's too pretty to just look at it with a frown on your face.

This scenery warm my heart. I love how the sun rises and reminded me that amidst the difficulties we're all facing, there's till a better tomorrow waiting.

Make as many memories as you can because life is short. Have fun, enjoy life and be grateful!

That's not our home though, I just love it's design. 😁

That's it for our morning walk and I'm so happy that I'd get to tag my sister along with me. Feel free to visit her blog too @eeventuree , she's still editing her photos and currently writing her own post for this challenge.

See you next Wednesday then? Feel free to join as well if you're reading this. Visit @dreemsteem so you'll know what to do! Five Hive will be given to the winners and 100% up vote from her. Yay!

See you on my next post! Adios!