Blogging on Hive is a blessing in disguised to me. As you already know, hive saved my dying passion which is blogging and I'm even grateful for the opportunity to be part of the OCD Onboarding Program. What's even amazing is that I gained a family that supports and lift each other up through this platform. Our constant meetups and gathering was also posted here on my blog to inspire and motivate other bloggers across the platform that we can be friends, not just virtually but in real life. That's why our community, the Hive Cebu Bloggers Community shows initiative by building genuine friendship through our constant meetups, programs and events like Halloween Party. Yes! You heard it right. We call it the Hivelloween! It's just amazing how each members are surprisingly active and cooperative when it comes to organizing such event. When Gilaine (@purepinay) and I, have talked about it during our first month on OCD Onboarding Program, we were actually excited in planning it out. I never thought that from a simple halloween gathering with few participants (less than ten), now we are excited to announce that we will be having the private gathering at a hotel with atleast 20 participants.

As excited as I am, I took the initiative into making our posters and posted it into our facebook and instagram page. I edited the poster using a canva pro because I wanted to make it more appealing. After so many meetups and gathering we finally have a venue for the event that we agreed on. Since most of us have a full time work, we needed to decide on the date that everyone in the community can attend. We all agreed to do it on the third Sunday of the month which is October 24th. We called the hotel where we decided to book for the event and asked for the promo that they can give us, since we will be spending our own money individually. Luckily, Harold's Hotel was kind enough to give us a discount and settled with Php550.00 ($10.86) for the venue and the buffet. Gilaine really is amazing because she was able to convinced them to give us a discount. Last Monday, both @gerel and gilaine went to Harolds Hotel to check the venue. Surprisingly it is spacious and can accommodate upto 30 guests following the protocols for the General Community Quarantine.


Since everything was decided already, I made this poster that includes the day, the time and the venue of the event. Since this is a private halloween gathering for the community, we decided to spiced it up by announcing that we will be giving away raffles, prizes and we will be picking a winner for the best in Costume. The winner will get Php1,000 ($19.74), a trophy, a sash and a VIP Ticket for Anjo World Themed Park that was sponsored by Herbert Kikoy (thank you!). There will also be programs that will strengthen our bond more as a hive family. We will be inviting judges from outside the community so it will be a fair and friendly competition among the members.


I'm also making the stickers for the giveaways and @swaycanete is currently making a draft for the program. For the decorations, @gerel is incharged for the backdrop and @explorewithsasha have donated some monetary value for the balloons and decors for the venue. While @itsmiessyonpeakd willingly volunteered to buy the candies for the treats! @cheerupwithjl along with @asasiklause will be accompanying Sasha, Gerel and Miessy to buy the things that we needed for the event, tomorrow. I wish I could tag along but I have work tomorrow. Gilaine also pledged one lechon (roasted pig) for the event and will even bake some cookies for the giveaways. We all agreed to have a registration fee of Php700.00 ($13.82) that covers for the food, venue and for the prizes as well. Alongside with the support of these participants who gladly said YES for the community's initiative; @jongcl @morenatravels @gwenfinity @kcwonders @eeventuree @thejoeprocess @gioxide.arts @krystalogue @simpledemple @chriscapes @hiraya @uebermensch @charisse.craves and @hannahs.journey .

You see, Hive Cebu Bloggers Community have different kinds of members, but we all have a genuine and kind heart that we all lookout to each other and that's also because @purepinay leads us really well. She wants nothing but the best for our growing community and I am so proud to be part it.

I can't wait to blog about our event, every details and preparations will be posted in a video form using 3speak since this will be our very first big event. Keep posted by following @hivecebu facebook page.

Are you excited for the Halloween too? I'm still looking for a costume to wear, any suggestions? Let me know by dropping some love below!

Disclosure: All materials used in this blog was edited by yours truly using a canva pro.


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