This is a long overdue post, since I've been very busy with a lot of things including teaching my newly on-boarded here on hive. I apologize for posting it late, so, here it goes!

The blogger who tagged me is my sister @jongcl you can read her The Creative Blogger tag HERE.

The two OBLIGATORY QUESTIONS along with this Tag are the following:

Obligatory Question #1: How Would You Add Value to Hive?

Obligatory Question #2: How would you make Hive a better place?

Let me answer the
Obligatory Question #1: How Would You Add Value to Hive?


Blogging for ten years now, I have yet to discover my inner self. I didn't know I can be of great help to many people. I have been an on-boarding leader for @ocd after a month of blogging here in hive and I couldn't be more grateful for the opportunity. It was through Gilaine's @purepinay 's initiative and @acidyo 's trust that I was appointed to become one of the onboarding leader, after having to invite the whole family to blog here on hive. If adding value to hive means letting more people to know the platform and how it works then I guess I wanted to focused on being a great leader, a genuine friend and a mentor. I wanted to help those who wanted to blog but haven't had the chance to explore which platform to use through my experience here on Hive. I wanted to become a support system to someone who wanted my guidance because I believe that if we get to help each other, together we can make Hive the best platform for everyone.

For the Obligatory Question #2: How would you make Hive a better place?


I think by being less toxic and more genuine, by spreading kindness instead of hatred and I believe that if we will all support one another then I guess Hive will not just be better but the best platform for every content creators.

Apart from the two mandatory questions, here are the FIVE (5) random Questions my sister wants me to answer:

Question #1: Why did you choose such a username in Hive and how does your username represent who you are?


I think I have mentioned it already during my intro post on why did I choose Sassy Cebuana. To those who haven't read it, I have several blog names before. Back when I started blogging I didn't know how to create a brand name in which one can be distinguished with. I started as What Akirah Thinks, it was inspired by Kryz Uy's blog Thirsty Thoughts and then I fell in love with Camille Co's blog and seeing her blog seems that using your name will be much better. Though, I haven't had the courage of using my name since I have a lengthy and a common name too. To make the long story short, after so many experiments, I settled with what describes me best, as Sassy as I can be and being a Cebuana (someone who lives in Cebu) , my blog name was born, Sassy Cebuana. And hence, it's a brand name that I have established already in the blogosphere and I continue using that here in Hive.

Question #2: What can you consider as your biggest failure, how did you overcome it and what lessons can you share with us from that experience?


My biggest failure? I really can't think of one thing since I consider everything that happened to me as something that is meant to happen and it has its reason why did it happen. I know, being a positive person as I can be, I don't really came to a point where I blamed myself for something. Since I'm a firm believer, that everything happens for a reason.

Question #3: Busy city life or slow-paced provincial life? Explain your choice a little further, please.


If settling down you mean, I have to choose the busy city life. I'm the kind of person who loves doing things and keeping myself busy. I'm an independent woman, I wanted to do things my own way. I wanted to work here or if given a chance, I wanted to have a business in the City. I love being in a fast paced environment, but once in a while I make sure that I get to unwind and go somewhere slow-paced and experience the nature, a little vacation far from the bustling City life.

Question #4: How do people in your life describe you and what will the people you have just met remember you as? (example: Will they remember you as shy and timid or funny and loud?)


Oh, aside from being Sassy, maybe they will remember me as friendly, loving, kind and passionate with all the things that I do. Am I right guys? 🥰

Question #5: What are your hobbies?


Discovering new cafes (preferrably eating🤣), to travel or wander, chitchatting with my friends while having coffee, dancing while working outᕦ(ò_óˇ)ᕤ and watching Korean dramas✌.

Now let me tag some of the new on-boarded members who just recently introduce themselves in the platform to make new friends here and also to interact with the people here in hive. Two of my new on-boarded hivers @jezwanderer and @arnyray , @asasiklause new on-boarded under @explorewithsasha 's VIP link, @tanawabai & @lifewithera and lastly @queenmeiko22 Sasha's new on-boarded member.

You need to answer the two mandatory questions above, and after that here's my five random questions for you guys.

Question no. 1: What made you decide to join Hive?

Question no. 2: How was your experience blogging so far in the platform?

Question no. 3: If you can suggest something to add or to improve in this platform what are those and why?

Question no. 4: Do you believe in Love at First Sight? Why or Why not?

Question No. 5: What is your most unforgettable love story and tell us why it's unforgettable. 🥰

That's it! You can create your own Creative Blogger Tag Banner if you want or you can use mine or @jongcl 's banner.


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Now, it's your time to shine! Don't forget to tag at least five (5) bloggers you came across the platform who haven't posted their creative blogger tag yet, and come up with Five (5) random questions for them too. Post your blog in whichever community that best fit your content and don't forget to use the #creativebloggertag 🤗

That's it for now! I'm so relieved that I finally have the time to post this. I am so happy that this initiative is all over the platform already. Cheers to getting to know each other more Hivers! 🍻



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