There's never a dull moment when I'm with these girls. It's been a while since we talked about life and discussed about my best friend's successful wedding celebration. We actually went out today to celebrate our friend Jezevyl's birthday. We were discussing last week where to celebrate and the celebrant decided to give Spence Cafe a try. And it was a perfect choice indeed.


We called in advanced and booked for 4 person. We went there after office and arrived at 5:30 p.m. We were surprised that the place is not that big as we imagined it with the photos we saw online but the ambiance is so posh that it suits well with our blended pastel outfits.


We were greeted by their friendly and very approachable staff. He asked for our vaccination cards to be able to dine in since they have imposed the protocol that only those who were fully vaccinated can dine inside. Though if you're not yet fully vaccinated, you can still dine outside the cafe. Before we proceed to order anything, we take turns into taking photos with our ootd's and pose for the gram.



We actually let the celebrant decide on the menu for this evening.


She picked one from breakfast plate, one from mains, one from pasta, one from quesadillas and one from fries.

From breakfast plate she picked the local chorizo, from mains she picked the adobo, from pasta the carbonara and six cheese quesadilla. I'm not sure about the fries flavor though but it was really delicious! From their rice meal down to fries! We just love everything!






Before we dig in we say our grace and took a mandatory group photo. Their staff is really approachable and we appreciate it a lot since he willingly said yes when we asked him to take our photos.



As we were eating, we were already discussing on how we're going to celebrate our birthdays next year. We also talked about how my best friend spent their honeymoon and how was married life. It was a fun filled evening that celebrates our friendship and life itself. We are just so grateful that all these years, we still have each other. After our meals we decided to drink some coffee and one of the reasons why we were convinced is because of the cute pastel colors of the cups.


IMG_2002 (1).jpg

(Demple, Jezevyl, me and my best friend Chrissie)

We enjoyed our salted caramel and latte. It was really a fun evening with my gorgeous girls. To my friend Jezevyl who will be celebrating her birthday this coming Wednesday, we wish you good health and happiness always. We love you!


Overall, we have a lovely experience in this cafe and we will definitely go back on some random days that we just wanted to chill and relax.


Spence Cafe is located at Retail 6 Groundfloor, Tower 2 Solinea Corner Cardinal Rosales, Luzon Ave., Cebu Business Park, Cebu City. They are open everyday, from 8am to 9pm.

For menu and more details you can follow them on their Instagram.

I hope you're all doing great and safe! Thank you for dropping by and see you on my next post! 😘 Adios!

Disclosure: All photos are mine and was taken by me and my friend. I am not compensated with anything and paid the food with our own money. All opinion written is my honest review and based on my experience.


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