I am really beyond grateful and happy to have found genuine friends here on hive and have met my fellow awesome momma! Yesterday, me and my daughter were invited by Gilaine and Gerel at their pad to play with Bobby, Gilaine's adorable son. It was really a great opportunity to take my daughter outside home and play with someone since she's been bored at home and I also want her to have fun. Being a mom, seeing your child happy makes you the happiest. I was really glad that my daughter Kendra gets along with Bobby.

They started their play day with coloring session. They were excited to show us their work especially baby Bobby who went running to show his work to me and to her mommy. It was actually great that we can have a conversation about our upcoming event while our kids were busy playing.

Gerel and Gil offered me some coffee which I gladly accepted because I haven't had my coffee yet. After a while, we decided to take the kids to the swimming pool so they can go swimming.

Then we continue discussing the hive event and wrote down the things we needed to do. It was a productive day for both me and my daughter. Gerel and I went swimming with the kids. It was during lunch time we decided to stop swimming since Gerel will still prepare for our lunch. I'm always full whenever I get to eat @gerel and @purepinay 's food. I love how they prepared the food with love and how they really care about eating healthy.

We has our lunch by noon time and had some salad and chicken cordon bleau. Thank you Gerel for cooking delicious meals always. My daughter really loves your cordon bleau. Since baby Bobby needs to take a nap, my daughter accompany him until he fells asleep. She went playing by herself and was asking me to play with her.

My daughter continue playing around and we talked about hive again while having some snacks.

I had some coffee and the healthy brownie that Gil baked. It was really delicious! They really had a talent in cooking and baking. We were busy discussing about the decors and they showed me the balloons to be used during our hiveloween event. When baby Bobby woke up, we went down again and roam around.




It's really nice to see your kids enjoying and happy while running all over the place. We went to the playground and these momma's get a breather and took some selfie.


We really had an amazing day and my daughter gets to enjoy playing with Bobby. Thank you so much Gil for inviting us over and Gerel as well. Until the next kids play day! ✨

How about you? How did you spend your weekend?

Disclosure: All photos used in this blog was taken by my Android phone and was edited by yours truly using a canva pro.


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