I have been wanting to post fashion related articles here on the blog but I haven't found the perfect community for that. I am so tempted to create a community for fashion enthusiasts or those who loves dressing up like me but I think there's only few of us here on hive. As I have mentioned during my intro post, my blog was born because of my love for fashion. Dressing up really changes my mood and brighten up my day. In relation to that, today's topic is actually triggered by something I've read online. There's an article I came across on facebook about how guys said something on how girls wear clothes to impress them. As someone who loves dressing up, I certainly disagree! I don't dress to impress someone but I do it for myself. I feel good whenever I get to wear pretty clothes, it's therapeutic for me. Putting some make up on and just trying to look good, not for a guy but for me.

So much for the long intro, let's proceed with my outfit last Friday.


We can already feel that December is fast approaching because of the cold weather lately. It has been raining and the weather is gloomy the past few days. That's why I decided to wear this outfit ensemble that was inspired by the Korean drama's I've watched. Lately, I have been watching My Hometown Cha-cha on Netflix and Shin Min-ah's outfit (the female lead) were all gorgeous. So I decided to pull off a Korean look with my new Dazy Argyle and Butterfly Pattern Sweater that I bought at my favorite online store SHEIN.


It's perfect to layer some clothes when the weather is a little chilly and I can channel my Korean soul everytime the weather is like this. Living in a tropical country like Philippines, the only season I get to layer some clothes comfortably is when rainy season arrives. I paired it with my all white ensemble and complete my look with my white pair of shoes. I accessorized it with the new bag I bought on facebook live and finish it off with my black choker that I recently bought at shein.


I used this graffiti wall as a backdrop that suits perfectly with my black and white ensemble. It's a lovely work of art! I definitely love walls like this, it always catches my attention and it's tempting to pose for an ootd.

This graffiti wall is located at the back of National Bookstore in Mango Avenue, Cebu.


vest in shein | White long sleeves in shein | Bag in Rarah Baggy | White shoes in crizaph |

So, What do you think of my outfit ensemble last Friday ? Is it a Yay or Nay? Let me know by dropping your comments below. That's it for now, have a lovely Tuesday!


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