What is glamping? According to Wikipedia, it's a combination of the word glamorous and camping. It is not the traditional style of camping but it involves nice amenities or resort style services. I first heard about this one through instagram, back when I was still building my brand as a blogger. I always love the idea of spending some night with friends in a tent, experience bonfire while cooking some marshmallow and make some s'mores! The idea was always on my head until I finally experienced it last weekend. My colleague who's like a big sister to me, wanted to treat me by letting me choose which resort I would love to experience, as an early birthday gift! I never thought that we'd be spending my pre-birthday celebration in this lovely resort here in Cebu.

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150 Peakway Mountain Resort is located at Mantalongon, Dalaguete. It is in the Southern Part of Cebu. The travel time from City of Cebu is 2 hours and 30 minutes approximately. It nestled in he Mountain part of Dalaguete, Cebu, but you don't have to worry though because the road going there is in good condition. You won't get lost if you'd try to navigate using google Map or Waze.

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It's surrounded by many trees that makes the environment cold. It's a perfect get away to relieve your stress from the busy life in the City.

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When we arrived, we were greeted by their friendly staff and was instructed to disinfect our stuff first while they guide us to their waiting area since we arrived a little early. Their check-in time is at 3:00 in the afternoon, but we arrived an hour and a half earlier.

This is their waiting area, it is where we were informed about the policies of the resort which the staff have clearly delivered while being friendly and accomodating. We were also informed about the rules in using the swimming pool since it's for everyone, they encourage the guest to choose a preffered time to go swimming. It's a brilliant idea for me, because at least when we go swimming, it will be exclusive for us. Though the guest is allowed to go swimming whenever they want, as long as there is no scheduled swimming on that certain time.

Since the climate there is really cold, it's best to swim in the afternoon. Based on our experience, the water is iced cold in the morning but in the afternoon it's manageable. Also, shout out to their staff who's really amazing that they gave us towel even before we ask for it. It shows how accomodating they are, even though the resort is not yet fully functional because they are still improving it.
Also, upon booking they actually asked me on what breakfast we prefer by sending us their menu. The staff I talked to over their Facebook page is really accomodating. We have booked the place through their messenger but you can also try booking at airbnb for more details.

Just to give you an overview of the place, they have three bell tents to choose from. Bell Tent 1, Bell Tent 2 and Bell Tent Three. The one in the middle is our tent during our stay. For the rates, during weekdays it's a lot cheaper than the weekend rates. Php 4,000 ($78.64) during weekdays, Php 6,000 ($117.97) during weekends for all the glamping tents or the bell tents. It's good for four people, with free complimentary breakfast and if you want to add an extra pax you just have to pay Php1,000 ($19.66) with free breakfast as well.

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This is our tent, it has a terrace as well where the fire pit is located. Since the glamping tent has no comfort room, we have to use the common restroom just along the area.


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The glamping tent is really dreamy! You can bring your laptop with you and watch your favorite movie while having a can of beer.

They also have three domes, the rates for the dome with comfort room and jacuzzi is a little bit expensive but I think it's worth the price. Php7,000.00($137.63) during weekdays and Php9,000($176.95) during weekend. Good for four person and with free breakfast.

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The dome is really lovely! I would love to go back there soon and experience the dome.

They also have 1 villa that is good for 8 person with free breakfast. For weekdays the rate is Php8,000/night ($157.29) and on weekend is Php10,000/night ($196.61).

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Last but not the least they also have two suite rooms with the same rate as the bell tents/glamping tents, though this is the only room that has no aircon only electric fan.

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They also have this mini play area for toddlers and this common fire pit area.

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For the Fire pit packages, you will get to choose between the two. The first package with marshmallows, chocolate and grahamas (the ingredients to make smores sandwhich) is only Php600.00 if you want to add hotdogs you will just have to add Php200.00.
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And also, they have a tram that can tour you around the local tourist spots in the area. You just have to pay Php1,500.00 for the ride that is perfect for group or family. If you wish to climb the famous Osmeña Peak you can use this tram, this will also take you to strawberry farm and sunflower farm. I forgot the other name of the last destination for the tour. We tried to avail for it but we have a conflict schedule with the other guest who have booked earlier than us. Next time, we will probably book the tram together with the room.


I was really happy and grateful with this trip. I get to enjoy it with my friends, with good food, some drinks, s'mores and laughter! I actually uploaded a video on YouTube maybe you want to check some glimpse of how we spent our day and night there.

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For more details about the resort, you can also check their FB PAGE.

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Disclosure: All photos and materials used in this blog was from my friend @simpledemple 's iPhone and my NikonD3200 camera.


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