I would like to thank everyone first especially for those who constantly read my content here in hive and for leaving such meaningful comments. I have seen this conversation at discord with regards to someone complaining why his posts didn't have interaction or wasn't being currated. So I decided to share this here and updated this post that I originally posted on my old blog. I want to help my fellow hivers, especially the newbies on blogging on these 5 simple things to do, to attract readers and to drop some love.


When I started blogging way back 2011, I have no knowledge at all on how to run a blog. It started as an online diary with so much to improve. Having a simple blog layout, blurred photos (low quality photos) and a poor content ( a messed up diary ). Then I started to feel that maybe blogging isn't for me because no one reads my blog at all. Then I asked myself, Am I doing it right? Then changes started to happen when I began to read and research. So today, I'll share with you this simple knowledge that I've learned as a blogger. For those who wanted to create a blog, who's starting to blog and who's learning to blog, not just here in hive but to all the platforms, here are my five simple ways on how to attract readers to your blog. Ready? Read on.

If you're new in the blogosphere this will help you a lot.



What's the first thing you noticed when you visit a blog? It's the layout right? Your layout represents you. As much as possible make it presentable, make it clean and friendly. It's like going to a party, if you'd like to be noticed wear something nice. Same goes with your blog, if you want to attract readers, give them a reason to visit your blog. It's nice to read when everything is on placed. If you're still starting and don't know about the formatting feel free to visit @ybanezkim26 formatting codes that helps me a lot when I started blogging here. Play with your visuals too by providing your readers something to look forward. Your cover image is like a click bait, so it's also important that you have an eye-catching cover image. I will be creating a separate blog post on what camera & photo editors I used when I blog too so stay tuned!



May you be a fashion, food, lifestyle, tech, beauty,travel or a mommy blogger, it is important to provide your readers a good quality content. Always remember that you're not just blogging for yourself but you are blogging to share something. It is much better to write something that is informative and inspiring. Write your heart out, be creative!



"Do unto others what you want others to Do unto You". This does apply on blogging as well. Let's say you already have a presentable blog, provides good quality content but nobody knew your blog existed. So how on earth will someone read your blog? Again, in the blogosphere, our fellow bloggers are our friends and not our competitors. We are here to support each other and not to compete with them. The best way to support each other is by visiting and reading their blogs but make sure to leave a comment, a genuine one. I love visiting, reading and exploring other blogs and I make sure to show some love by dropping a genuine comment. Trust me, once you have showed some blog love, that blogger will most likely return the favor and will visit your blog as well. This might sound odd but with that you just created a possible circle of friends. Just make sure you really read the blog and not just strolls down and head over the comment section because it sounds really funny when someone just left a comment and when you start reading it, you knew they didn't read your blog at all. Just like @wil.metcalfe said, support generates support!



The best way to share your content and easy to search is to post it to appropriate communities so they can feature your post and curate it, that will help you reach as many readers across the platform! Make sure to comment on the page or community that will feature your post to show your gratitude.



Avoid being MIA (missing in action). Update your blog regularly as possible. It's okay to take a break once in a while but make sure to make a blog post about you being MIA for a long time so they will know that you're taking a break for the mean time. To help or inspire you to avoid writer's block you can read my SIMPLE TIPS HERE.

There you have it, those are my FIVE simple ways on how to attract readers to READ your blog based on my blogging experience.

How about you? What are your ways?

That's it for now, see you on my next post! Adios!


Sassy Cebuana

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