I admit that I'm not a perfect mom, there are times that I suddenly felt guilty whenever I didn't have an ample time to spend with my daughter. I have a full time job from Monday to Friday and during my spare time I have to update my blog. I have to do the household chores during the weekend and I also make sure that I have some quality time with myself enjoying some cup of coffee or a simple dinner with friends. As we all know, we cannot pour from an empty cup. Spending some self-love is also a must. So how do I juggle my time well?


Women are known to be best in multi-tasking. Ever since I gave birth to my baby, my multi-tasking power have doubled. It was both applied being a single mom and a working office girl. I woke up early in the morning from Monday-Friday. Especially now that my daughter have to attend her online class. I usually put my alarm every 5:30 in the morning since I have to prepare her table and to check the internet connection. I have to prepare something for her breakfast and snacks, then take a bath. I don't usually eat breakfast at home, I just had cup of coffee and bread in the office. I am just so lucky that I still have my parents and my siblings who can watch over my daughter since I don't have a nanny anymore. I used to have one before pandemic but since pandemic happened and my baby can manage herself going to the bathroom and feeding herself, I decided to not hire anyone for now.

What I'm also thankful about is that my office is a walk away from home, which means, I can leave the house 20 minutes before 8:00 in the morning so I can still attend to my daughter's needs. In case my presence is needed during her school acitivities or P.T.A meetings, I can use my privilege as a single mom. I have applied for a Solo Parent I.D and I can avail a total of 7 days solo parent leave every year. I know it's awesome to have an additional 7 days leave but being a single mom isn't easy.

Having a daughter who understands what I do and even help me sometimes especially when brands sent me some products for PR or campaigns to be posted on my social media and blogs, she's all out support. I'm a member of Mommy Blogger Philippines, so whenever there are Campaign seedings, some of the brands or agencies will send us products to be featured on our blogs or social media.

These were just some of the sample photos of me and my daughter doing a shoot for brand collaborations. It is always easy for my daughter to act natural since she saw her mom doing this every now and then. Plus, she's also enjoying our moments together and that's what matters most. Having to juggle work between mommy life have became easier because of the space and time I have given to myself. Whenever I feel frustrated and tired, I just have to refresh my mind and everything flows smoothly. So it's really important to pamper yourself once in a while, because the more you love yourself, the more you can pour extra love to the people around, especially to your child.

IMG_20210919_072700 (1).jpg
Also, make sure to reward your child to a vacation where you can spend some quality time together just enjoying each other's company. Thinking about another quick escapade with the daughter next month on her mommy's birthday. ☺

How about you? How do you balance your time between work and pleasure? Let me know by dropping your comment below. Enjoy your day! 😊


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