Ten years ago, as I started blogging, I didn't know that I'll be able to keep up with it. As time goes by, when brands began collaborating with bloggers and I began to collaborate with some, it inspires me more to write valuable contents. While some of them collaborates with me in exchange with free products that are mostly related to my niche which is fashion, some of them have collaborated with me in exchange with monetary value or paid post. Along the way, I enjoyed blogging and even joined several blogging communities. But slowly, I started to notice that bloggers are slowly creating their YouTube channels and started vlogging and some of them focused onto their social media accounts, especially tiktok and Instagram. Engagement died on my blog, I felt like I also needed to jump into the new bandwagon. I tried creating my YouTube channel as well and since I already have an Instagram account, I also tried different ways of growing my followers but then, it exhaust me. I felt like I lost connection with my genuine readers and my followers. I frequently update my blog and I felt like I totally lost interest to continue writing. And then one day, just when I'm about to give up, HIVE happens.


God really provides answer. Just when I'm about to give up blogging, he gave me an answer. As I've mentioned before, I was introduced into this platform because of this small piece of paper that says Bee One Of Us that was given by @purepinay to one of my colleague. It brought Sparks and ignites my dying passion. I was then excited as I've listened to the testimonies of my fellow Cebu Hivers @ybanezkim26 and @thegaillery . I was too excited that I can't even sleep. It's a perfect timing for everything. It made me look forward to bringing more valuable contents as I study and learn more about the platform. At first, I was having a hard time navigating around. It's not that friendly as my old platform, the interface, the information for me is too much for an average but then again, there's no impossible and everything can be learn. Everyday is still a learning process for me but with a caring community I'm part of, even the hardest can be achieved. I couldn't have done it without my Cebu Hive Community, especially Gilaine, she's the one who keeps on motivating us to do better everyday. A simple "Hey! How are you guys doing?" means a lot. And HIVE has a lot of people who gives value to your content by just simply up voting your posts and engaging by leaving their comments. That's what I missed a lot on my blog. A genuine reader who takes time to read and inspire a content creator like me. Your words means a lot to me, that's why I always make sure to get back to everyone who drops by and gives me a hive love through comments.

It really makes me smile and happy to see your comments that inspires me more to blog and to do better here on hive. Aside from that, this single momma is forever grateful for the opportunity that Hive provides. It totally works! Every effort I put into my content always received a lot of value from all the upvotes that this amazing community gives. It helps a lot with my finances and became an additional income that provides not just for my personal needs but as well as for my daughter and for my parents.


Aside from the value it brings, it also allows me to meet different kind of people from all over the world. I made some virtual friends and I enjoyed joining different contest here. I even get to enjoy actual meet ups with my fellow Cebu Hivers that even made this blogging journey a lot more fun! People here were inspiring one another and helping each other to grow. And this is why I can call HIVE my new virtual HOME.

As part of the Call To Action that @theycallmedan wrote on his blog, this is my way of telling everyone across the globe, that this is how HIVE works for me. And I am so proud that along this journey, I was able to inspire all of my siblings to share their journey as well, here on hive and have them all on board.


Now, I wanted all the bloggers, content creators, gamers and every individuals across every platform to know that there's a lot more opportunity that HIVE provides. Hive was the miracle I waited for ten long years and I believe that Hive is an opportunity for everyone too!

Feel free to view the video about hive that @lordbutterfly made HERE or read the call to action that @theycallmedan wrote HERE.

Thank you for this amazing platform and fellow Hivers! You guys rock.🀘
See you on my next post! Adios😘