How Motherhood Changed Me.


I can't believe that it's almost 7 years that I've been a mom.

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My transformation from womanhood to motherhood drastically changed me a lot. It made me become stronger and more responsible. I have to plan and set my priorities that I neglect to do before. All I care before is what to wear the next day and how will I spend my weekend. Party here, Party there!

When She came, RESPONSIBILITY Changed Me.. As a single mom, I have to give up some of the things that aren't necessary to do anymore. It's always about her needs first before mine. I have to make sure my time is well-balanced. Being a single mom is really a tough job, but it's the most fulfilling job on earth.



Love Changed Me... I've been into many relationships before, my heart had been broken for countless of times already but now having her around, heartbreaks won't be the same anymore. I just ended up my 4 long years of relationship with someone and now I'm already moving on. I may cry for a day but the next day I'll be fine. The love of my baby is stronger than any love I've ever known. :)

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Strength Changed Me... After being able to surpassed all the pains from laboring and giving birth, I already feel that I can withstand the impossible. Challenges and obstacles wouldn't be hard to face because I know that I'm stronger than before.

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Worries and Attention Changed Me... I'm always on a look out for my baby. I cannot let her starve, fall down, bitten by mosquitoes, catch a cold, bang her head, freeze or suffocate. I'm always motivated and moved by these worries. I become overprotective and presumptuous. Yes I closed my eyes when I sleep but my ears and other senses is always open.

As years passed by, I realized that I am becoming more mature, more optimistic, more compassionate, and more loving.. I know that I still have lots of things to learn about motherhood and I will embrace this wonderful journey.

"Motherhood does changed me in becoming a better version of me" - Rica

Seven years later, seeing how my daughter have grown into a beautiful fine young lady, I know I deserve to be tap on the back, You are doing a great job raising her. Of course, I thank my family for the support and love that fills the void in her heart for having no dad beside her.

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Advance Happy Birthday my Little One!

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