Celebrating Life and Motherhood!

I can't help but to feel proud about my daughter's achievement. The truth is, I was actually hesitant about letting her enroll for a virtual class but since she already turned seven(7) this year, I felt the need to enroll her for first grade since she was just bored at home last year during the lock down. So I decided early this year to enroll her. It was quite challenging for both of us, since my daughter will most likely be bored sitting and listening online, even me! But to my surprise, she was elected as a mayor on their virtual classroom. Then I thought, she might be really doing good despite the fact that she easily gets bored.


It was challenging for me because every now and then I needed to check if she was able to do her asynchronous activities. So seeing her being rewarded by her hard work of not being sleepy during class discussions and answered all her online exams with flying colors made this mommy super proud. That's why I can't help but to share it here on the blog. It's an achievement that I don't really expect since I'm already thankful to have her attend her online classes but then, she amazes me every time.


After her online classes she still have to tend on with her asynchronous/offline activities which require her to do so many things aside from the basic writing, most of her activities are involve with dancing, acting, singing and art. That's why I have to make sure to check their virtual classroom every now and then so she will be guided.

All of those hard work really paid off! I couldn't thank God enough for every blessing and guidance he showed us.


To my daughter, even if you don't excel, always remember that mommy is and will always be proud of you no matter what. I love you!

That's all for now! 🥰



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