Cravings!!!Yes, sometimes we just have to give in with our cravings. That's what we did last Saturday, we had our lunch somewhere in Dalaguete as we go back in the City from our glamping experience. My sister @morenatravels suggested the place after they have eaten here when they went trekking at Osmeña Peak. She said to try it out since it's affordable and you get to enjoy unlimited shrimp/buffet with Filipino food and it has a perfect ambiance since it's near the sea. So we search the place using Waze and we went there.

DSC_0043 (2).jpg

She was right about the ambiance. We were greeted by their friendly staff when we went there.
You only have to pay Php199.00($3.91) per person for the unlimited shrimp/buffet. It's affordable for real!


I love the native decors inside, especially the basket chandelier.
DSC_0050 (1).jpg
Since we were starving, we tried getting some food in the buffet area while waiting for the raw shrimp for us to cook. Since they will only serve it per tray with 5-6 pcs. on it.




The dried fish (anchovies) with some tomatoes and onions looks really delicious!

My bestfriend Chrissie started cooking since I already started eating. I'm quite famished and started eating the anchovies.
The shrimps were fresh and it was really juicy! We did have a blast and enjoyed the food except the cooking though. Why? Because the pork (samyupsal) they served were the fatty part and because of that all the oils from the fats went bursting into our faces. And it's pretty hot, so you'll probably sweat while eating. The beverages are not included for the 199.00 , you'll have to order it separately.

So far we have enjoyed the food at a very affordable price. I think I'm going to give them 8 out of 10 since they still have room for improvements. They actually have plenty of branches already here in Cebu and if you'd like to check it out feel free to check their Facebook Page.

Always remember that life is short, so enjoy life, and eat while you can! Happy Wednesday!

Disclosure: All photos and materials used in this blog was from my Android phone and NikonD3200 and was edited by yours truly using Lightroom and canva pro.


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