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Today's content is all about fashion and styling. I actually created this content for my Instagram which you can also follow @sassy_cebuana . As you all know, a lot of influencers have been uploading several content on their instagram and it's actually one of my go to social media platform whenever I have outfit of the day (ootd) photos. I made this short video for my IG Tv series Styling 101 and sharing this here for my fellow Hivers.

I have been buying silk scarf at because of the Pressman sisters. You know them? Yassi and Issa. Issa actually has her own brand but I didn't buy from them because shein was way more affordable. And you know, a momma shouldn't be spending more for herself so I still have to find ways to wear the same that won't hurt the budget.

Feel free to watch the video which I also uploaded on my YouTube channel who only have 50 subscribers because I don't really upload every now and then. It's just for the purpose of having one. 😁

But if you don't feel like watching the video I'm uploading photos here for you to look at it at your own convenience.


This actually helps a lot whenever you're out somewhere with your friends and you wanted to do a quick change yet the only thing you brought with you is your lovely scarf. So, this can be a life saving fashion hack. 😊


I do this often whenever I have shopee delivery. 🤣 Girls! You know what I mean.


No belt? Easy peasy! Just style it this way.


I love doing this whenever I forgot to bring a hat with me and it's scorching hot this one helps plus it's stylish.


Now you do it with a swag. I Remember during high school days. We used to tie hanky like that during our dance intermission. Oh, it brings back good old days.


Now you do it the Sassy way. If you just feel like you wanted to look pretty and cute at the same time.


The classy way of tying your hair like Heart Evangelista. 😊


Accentuate your accessories! Sometimes your bag needs it more. 😊


You tie it like a Girl Scout girl!


And this one is my favorite among all of them. It makes a decent top if you do it this way rather than the tube top. I find it more comfortable this way.

So what do you think? Which one is your favorite among the 10?

I do hope you did find a value on this styling post. See you on my next styling tips! Ciao!

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