I can't believe that it's past half a year already ever since I joined this platform. It has been a blessing for me and I'm forever grateful for this opportunity. A lot of things happened already for the past six months and I can't deny the fact that this platform is a big help for me especially with my finances as a single mom. It's also a big help rebuilding our home after typhoon Odette destroyed it last year. To also highlight my six months here on Hive, I want to say thank you for everyone who supports and upvoted my sister @jongcl 's blog post about rebuilding our home. Thanks to all your upvotes, especially to the big whales who were generous enough to give high upvote, we are now back in our humble home. 😊




As you can see, our roof is back but some parts of it is still under construction. We need to change the flooring of the mini attic room and to repaint it. There are still a lot of cleaning to do but we prioritized our rooms so we can go back since our electricity was restored already. Also, i want to thank @purepinay for being so generous and kindhearted that she was always checking on us despite the fact that she was affected by the typhoon too. She gave us a lot of stuff like electric fan, mattress, blankets, towels and a lot more that were all very useful to us since all of our bed including pillows were all drenched.

This was when we went at her place to get the stuff that she's giving away. She also gave my daughter a lot of gifts. While we were there, we talked about how were we during the typhoon and this was our first meet up this year. We were also talking about our plan to meet for our 6th month as @hivecebubloggers this 15th. I miss everyone already, and I can't wait to meet you this weekend for some catching up. Also, thank you @cheerupwithjl for helping us carry our stuff from third floor to ground by stairs. It means a lot. ❤️

Now that we're back in our house, we also bought some grocery. Thanks to Gilaine that there were some that was checked out on our list since she gave us some cleaning materials and some groceries too like noodles and canned goods.
This is why I'm so grateful for this platform. I found so many friends, and it provide financial help especially in times of need. My journey here in Hive has been nothing but a blessing to me. As soon as everything will go back to normal, I will meet up my old blogger friends to discussed hive and how amazing this platform is.

Also, as way of rewarding ourselves after some cleaning and carrying those heavy stuff back at our home, we went to the outlets and had some ice cream after we bought new shoes for work.








Thank you HIVE, for everything that you brought into my life. I can't say thank you enough for this wonderful blessing and opportunity. To everyone in this platform, to @ocd, to the big whales, the curators, to my @hivecebubloggers family, to Gilaine and to each and everyone of you guys, thank you for being hivemazingly awesome! Cheers to more months! Happy Hiving!



Sassy Cebuana blogs about her personal style, lifestyle, travels, and shares about her experience being a single mom and anything in between. She wanted to inspire others by documenting it here at this little corner in hive.

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