And we are back to Modified Enhanced Community Quarantine (MECQ) in Cebu.

I just got my complete vaccination last 28th of July and only 3 in the family are still waiting for their scheduled vaccination.

I am not supposed to write about this, but I am just disappointed and disgusted about how other people seems to not realize how important the vaccine is. I know, it's your body and that's your right, but I just have to say this, if you don't want to be vaccinated don't approach people and convinced them that you'll turn into zombie after a few years if you'll get your vaccination. I mean, come on! And you go to your Facebook feed, spreading fake news that someone died because of the vaccine.

Someone even message me on facebook and told me that Why on earth people from the US undergone so many Test before they proceed with covax (Covid Vaccine) and people here in the Philippines will only evaluate or ask you questions before the vaccination. I was totally pissed off. Why on earth did he compare USA from Philippines? I got mad and told him if he didn't want to get vaccinated I totally respect that. It's his body and his rights, but telling other people those things he found on tiktok (people who doesn't want to get vaccinated) is a bit stupid. If you have doubts about the vaccine just don't get the vaccine and keep it yourself. But please don't go out disobeying the health protocols.

You're not the only one who is scared, I was too. I have doubts about the vaccine before, but I didn't do things like that. How can we go back to normal if people like you keeps on denying the fact that COVID is real. And the only thing aside from prayer that can save all of us is to fight it together by beating the virus. How can we do that? By strengthening our faith and believing that the vaccine is the answer to our prayers.

I miss seeing people's beautiful smile, their genuine laughter and kids running around freely. I miss hugging my friends and bringing my daughter to the mall. I miss going to church with the entire family. I miss a lot of things already, including traveling. When can we go out again without having to cover our beautiful face with face mask and face shield on? How will we able to do that if you're too scared to even fight this battle.


I am one with getting the vaccination. It's the only way to go back to normal.

Eight days have passed by since my 2nd dose (no pain felt) and for the love of God I am well and still breathing. I haven't experienced headaches or fever, just a little pain in the shoulder (for first dose) where I got my vaccine shot. If you're asking about the brand of my vaccine it was AstraZeneca.


My sister @jongcl shared some Tips about Vaccination on her blog and you can read it here PRATICAL TIPS FOR YOUR VACCINATION.

I'm so sorry about the rants! I just really need to vent it out here. Thank you for reading and for dropping by! It means a lot. That's it for now. Adios! ☺


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