In the world of blogging, collaborations can be called an achievement especially if you're invited to try something or to represent a brand. Ten years ago, when I just started my blog, it's one of the things that I look forward for. To be notice by brands and to represent them as one of their ambassadors. That's why when that opportunity happened to me after two years of blogging back in my old platform, I was so delighted and I can't stop myself but to feel proud about it.


Now that I'm on Hive, I am so grateful and delighted to be given an opportunity to collaborate with one of the business owners here in Cebu. It was through @purepinay that Hive Cebu Bloggers were invited to try Chef Kristel's specialties, who happens to run two food stalls at I.T. Park Sugbo Mercado.

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If you're from Cebu then you probably know this famous food spot! One of the food stall that chef Kristel owned is the L.A. Taco Truck.
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As we were served with this delectable treats, Chef Kristel tried to introduce her products one by one. We were amazed by her answer on why she came up with this kind of business, simply because her husband loves to eat Taco back in the United States. Awww, that was a sweet answer.
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We have tried their Taco salad, the one on the upper left, quinoa rice bowl below, then the taco sampler beside and lastly the chicken rice bowl above the taco sampler.
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A side from the taco truck, the other food stall that she owned is the Let's Roll, which offers Japanese food. How awesome it is to own two different food stall right?! She's a perfect example of a powerful woman, which I aspire to be. They also served us few dishes from let's roll, their best-selling sushi baked, rice balls and rice triangle.

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Moving on, just to let you know that this blog post will focus more on how our night was, during the first ever collaboration of the Hive Cebu Bloggers with Chef Kristel. That means, I will have to blog separately about our food verdict.

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As you can see, the hive Cebu bloggers were all in action, taking photos for our blogs and trying to list down the questions that we wanted to ask Chef Kristel.

This initiative is not only to help the business get known but also to introduce hive to the mainstream. It's like hitting two birds with one stone.

For the bloggers, it's also building our profiles outside the virtual world. That's why I am beyond thankful for Gilaine, @purepinay for letting us join this event, along with my fellow @hivecebubloggers , @explorewithsasha , @asasiklause , @gerel , @itsmiessyonpeakd and our newbie @queenmeiko22 .

We were so happy that we get to wear our Hive I.D's in this event that was made by @samgiset of @hivecreator , thank you!
Also, as you see, we were so happy chit chatting while we were enjoying the food that was served.


We can also be a food endorser/model , aside from being bloggers, right @asasiklause ? 🤣 It's really a fun night with these people. Knowing them is one of the greatest highlight of my 2021.


DSC_0086 (1).jpg
We also have our photo opportunity with the one and only, chef Kristel.


This is actually a good timing since Chef Kristel is going back to the U.S a week after this event. Thank you Chef Kristel for this opportunity. If you wanted to know more about her food stall feel free to like and follow their social media accounts:

Let's Roll IG | L.A Taco Truck IG | Let's Roll FB | L.A Taco Truck FB .

See you on my next post beautiful hivers! Adios 😘



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