Yesterday was declared signal no. 1 in Cebu. The wind was so strong when I tried to go out for my 8am work. I was worried I might be drenched since umbrella wouldn't be able to hold on because of the strong wind. So I just stayed home and decided to report at work during noon time. When I went to work I brought my camera with me since I wanted to take photos of the things around while it's gloomy and drenched. After 5pm, I decided to walk and take photos since it stopped raining already.

This is the Cebu Provincial Capitol Building. It's a heritage structure that represents the Cebu Province. It's located at Capitol Site, along Escario St., Cebu City. Some even says that it looks like the white House. It's a beautiful structure that most tourist will stop by to take their photos in front of this building.




Do you want an awesome fact? I work here for ten years now and I have so many fond memories here. We used to have our flag ceremony in front of the Capitol every Monday morning at 8 in the morning but ever since COVID, we weren't able to sing our national anthem in front of the Capitol. I used to look forward for our flag ceremony because I have a crush at the different department and only during flag ceremony I will be able to see him. Haha. Those we're the days. I am also a member of the Capitol Dance Troupe and we used to practice dancing here in the quadrangle a lot. I also took a lot of ootd's here during my look book days since it is the perfect background for every style post. I also used to bring my daughter here when she was still a baby and a toddler. She used to ran all over the Capitol ground. So many memories that I will forever treasure.

I'm loving this gumamela flower.



Those were the shots I managed to take within the Capitol Compound. So I started walking and I stopped by the bridge near M. Velez st. because I wanted to take photo of the river below.

Then the rain started to pour again, so I ran towards this cute tea shop.

I stayed their until the rain stops and started walking again. I was just wearing my hoodie on top of my uniform and don't have an umbrella with me. A neighbor called out my name when I was walking pass through her and she decided to walk with me too since she wasn't able to ride a Jeepney. I stopped taking photos then because she was too talkative and told her that I'd stop by at Sundance condominium to buy something for my daughter at seven eleven.


This is where we part ways and then I saw this ramen restaurant that made me crave for some bowl in this cold weather.


I was asked for my vaccine card so I can dine in and showed it to her. I ordered the Tonkutsu Ramen and while waiting for my order I took some photos around.





Then my order arrived.



I enjoyed my bowl of ramen and when I went out it was dark already. I stopped by at seven eleven and bought something for my daughter.

Then I decided to ride a taxi after all the walking and eating. And it's already dark so I might as well hurry home.

That's it for a Monday photo walk. I guess I will be doing this kind of post since I also enjoy photography so much. This is my first blog that I am not on the post just to freshen it up a bit. I hope you're all doing well wherever you are! Thank you for dropping by and see you on my next photo walk?

Disclosure: All photos were taken by yours truly using my Nikon D3200 and was edited on my Lightroom.


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