Hello dear hivers! How was your weekend? I do hope you're all doing fine amidst this pandemic. I know, it's a difficult time right now and we are all battling with our mental health. Fears and enxieties is there, consuming most of our energy but remember that we must have faith and let it be stronger than your fear. Aside from drinking vitamins and eating healthy food, together with my family, we always pray not just for ourselves but for the whole world. Let's heal as one. That was a long intro, anyways, last weekend @purepinay was supposed to held an online gathering with the new onboarded hivers. Those I managed to convinced to blog here on hive. Yet, another unexpected meet up happened. While we were discussing the topics to tackle over the phone, we both agreed to have it in personal since it was a little bit hard on her end and my end, especially that we both have kids. As you all know, we are on modified enhanced community quarantine (MECQ), which limits us to go out in a large group. So we decided to divide the group first and since it's much easier for me to convince my sisters, which she wanted to meet as well, so I along with @jongcl , @eeventuree , @morenatravels and @swaycanete agreed to meet Gilaine @purepinay who's been so supportive with our hive journey.

Our initial plan actually was to meet at Marco Polo, but since they don't accept group dine in for now, I suggested Mr. A since it's just around her area. She covered for our lunch again, (thank you always Gil!) She's always this generous with the group and always extends her help here on hive. And we really appreciate all your efforts Gilaine.

Since we arrived a little earlier we had our mandatory OOTD at their cafe before we proceed at their restaurant. So, Mr. A has a cafe, if you wanted to have coffee with a view, it's a perfect place for you!

After our mandatory OOTD we went up at their restaurant and waited for Gilaine who's on her way already. Since I know that they have good food here, that's also one of the reasons why I suggested to check out Mr. A. It's a also an outdoor dining which is much safer and they also accepts group with a maximum of six people. It's actually great since some of my siblings weren't able to join since they are in different houses already with their own family. @gioxide.arts and @gwenfinity along with my niece @kcwonders will join next time as soon as MECQ will be lifted.
As Gil arrived, I introduced her to my siblings @swaycanete and @morenatravels since she already met @eeventuree and @jongcl. She asked us if how are we doing with hive and praised all of us for doing great on hive. It's really amazing how she's always there for us to guide us on this platform.


I think she will be blogging about the things we discussed but just to give you an overview, we tackle about the resource credits, the rewards on hive that can be found on Hive Engine, the hive power (HP) , Hive tokens and Hive backed Dollars(HBD), the communities, the tags and oh, she taught us on how to vote for the witnesses and lastly, we already talked about our next gathering with Cebu Hivers. She's really amazing! I think we've learned so much from her that day. I know, I still have so much to learn about hive and I am still a newbie on this platform, but I want to thank Gil @purepinay for trusting me to lead already. I don't know what gives her the confidence that she allows me to perform those tasks and I really appreciate it Gil. Also, for the entire @hivecebu , I can't name you all since there's a lot of us already, thank you for the never ending support. To those newbies who looked up to me and made me an inspiration, it really flatters my heart. This platform gives me so much inspiration to continue what I love doing, which is blogging. To all of you guys, my fellow amazing Hivers, thank you for everything! Rest assured, I will continue to inspire you more by bringing you valuable contents and also, if you wanted to ask my help, as long as I can, I'm willing to reach out my hand. Looking forward to meet you all guys in the near future! Let's continue to connect here or we can also follow each other on our social media accounts. @sassy_cebuana for Twitter and Instagram


Thank you for dropping by! See you on my next post. Adios!


Sassy Cebuana

Sassy Cebuana blogs about her personal style, lifestyle, travels, and shares about her experience being a single mom and anything in between. She wanted to inspire others by documenting it here at this little corner in hive.

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