Get to know Me closer with these 20 Random Questions about Love and how I answered them.

After a month being here on hive, I'd love to be much closer to all of you. That's why Today, I'm picking twenty random questions that I heartily answered for all of you guys. This is a get to know me better question and answer portion. This will be a quick post just to let you know the deeper side of me. So, Are you ready to know me better? I just want to get closer to all of you guys and feel free to grab the questions and answer it on your blog as well. This is so fun and entertaining. If you're having a hard time trying to come up with a blog post, this one actually helps freshen things up. So here's some random facts about me when we talk about LOVE.

1. Are looks important in a relationship? It depends really. It will be hypocrite of me if I'll say No, because we all know that physical appearance attracts first. It actually contributes twenty percent most of the time because the 80 percent should be about the character. On the other hand, sometimes we can't choose whom to love and be committed with. As love comes unexpectedly and then you just woke up one day realizing that you already fell.


2. Are relationships ever worth it? I've been heart-broken countless of times already but still, for me, every relationship is worth fighting for. But when you already know that you've done too much, it's just best to let go.


3. Do you believe in love at first sight? Yes. It happens to me so I guess I definitely believe in love at first sight.


4. Can you describe your perfect mate? If you'll ask the twenty-ish something me, my answer will be, Someone who will sing, dance, drink, smile, laugh and cry with me. But the thirty-ish-single-mom will answer, Someone who will accept me for me, who will love not just me but as well as my daughter, someone who will be patient and who understands every bit of me. Someone who will hold my hand and never let it go.


5. Have you ever cried over someone? A Big Yes for that! Well, it happens all the time. When relationships ended, I always cry. I'm a very emotional person. But crying helps too. It relieves all the pain you felt deep within, it's necessary, so you can smile again.


6. Can you commit to one person? YES ofcourse! I'm the type of person who usually get contented with someone. When I'm in a relationship I always commit myself to him. I'm faithful and I'm proud of it.


7. Do you think you can last in a relationship for 6 months and not cheat? As what I've mentioned on the previous question, I'm a faithful partner. I can even last forever and not cheat. I lasted four long years and did not cheat.


8. Do you ever want to get married? Getting married to someone I love and who loves me back is a dream come true. So, I say, YES I DO.


9. Do you forgive betrayal? Well I think I can but not to the extent of getting back together. I mean being able to experienced pain from betrayal, it's hard. There's a very long process for that. It's also hard to stay mad at someone, it won't help you to move on. So, I guess I can, in the long run. I just have to pray hard for that.


10. Do you get jealous easily? Not really, I observe and analyze things first before I overreact. Though, maybe sometimes I do but I don't go overboard with jealousy.


11. How long was your longest relationship? Just ended a four long years, recently. I can't deny the fact that I was happy, used to be happy. We had equal share of happiness and getting mad until we clashed together that made our relationship weak. I guess it's just bound to happen that way. Though there was never a third party involved, but we ended it with a proper closure.


12. How many boyfriends have you had? I can't keep track of them really but let's just say 7 (serious and those who left a great impact on my life) those were the one who made me become what I am right now. A stronger & braver version of me.


13. If your first true love knocked on your door with apology and presents, would you accept? Oh, He's already married. I guess this won't apply to me but maybe when he's still single I might say yes but he's not.


14. Is there anyone you've given up on? Why? There will always be one point in your life that you're going to experience burden and pain too much. Yes, I have and that is because it already involved my family. I can take the pain but seeing my parents getting hurt the most made me give up and let go.


15. Is there someone you will never forget? Yes.. every relationships has it's own story and I guess I will forever treasure those memories I have with my ex's.

16. What is the first thing you notice in someone? The smile! I died when I see someone who has a dashing smile. :)

**17. What are five ways to win your heart? ** Oh, Well (1) I love guys who knows how to build a meaningful conversation (2) I totally dig guys with sense of humor (3) Sweet and Romantic guys will sweep me off my feet (4) A guy who's responsible, mature and someone who loves kids (5) Lastly, someone who respects my decision and supports me in building my dreams.


18. What’s something sweet you’d like someone to do for you? I love surprises, even little things like a stick on love note on my table will made me giggle . Or a surprise date on the shore will really made me cry :) and that's tears of joy♥ Simple efforts is always appreciated.

19. What’s the sweetest thing you’ve ever done for someone? I did a lot of sweet things, as I've said I love surprises. I love making scrap books, surprised box, creating poems, writing letters,cooked & nursed him when he's sick. Maybe the sweetest thing I've done to someone aside from traveling 8 hours riding a bus just to be with my special person for an hour or two (crazy me), is that I cooked & nursed for this ex when he was sick & wasn't expecting me to. I cooked for this ex's birthday too and invited over the friends (I always exert efforts when I'm inlove).

20. What’s the sweetest thing anyone’s ever done for you? There are a lot of sweet things that my ex's did for me. The recent one was when my ex gathered my friends and surprised me with a mini birthday party. It made me cry that I wasn't expecting anything like that. The other one was with my first love. I remember way back in college, since we are in different schools we only see each other right after school. It was our first monthsary when I got a text message from him letting me know that he can't pick me up because he's busy with the exam and his basketball tournament (he's a varsity player). I frowned because he doesn't even remember that it was our first monthsary. I didn't tell him that I am disappointed but instead I texted him back that It's was okay and I totally understand. Right after class when me and my friends went down the hall I've heard some of them we're shouting. Then I saw him standing in front of the gate wearing his killer smile and was carrying a bouquet of fresh flowers. There I was, can't even move for I was totally surprised and don't even know what to utter. He just handed the flowers, hug me and kiss me in the forehead whispering ("Happy Monthsary baby") _ then I died ^_^. How can I ever forget him if he was my first everything? Well, I guess First Love never dies.

I guess that's it for now, just twenty random things that I wanted to share to all of you. I really hope you had a great time reading this short post of mine. If you have some follow up questions that you wanna asked me,just go ahead and comment down below. It'll be my pleasure to answer every single question that you have for me. God Bless You All! Adios!


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