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It's a special day today! The most kindhearted, generous, humble and genuine person I know is celebrating her birthday today! What's other way of letting her feel all the love from the Hive Cebu Bloggers Community here in the Philippines is to let her know our wishes for her through this video I made. I know that this isn't enough to show our gratitude to her but I really hope that we can make her day through this humble post.

I can't thank God enough for bringing someone like you into our lives. You know that we are forever grateful for having you as our leader. Thank you for guiding us through our hive journey and for being patient with us especially that Hive has a vast information and we have so much to learn. Thank you for walking with us and for holding our hands as we make our baby steps here in hive. You never complain about it, and instead you always have a heart to help other people.

Thank you for believing in me and my capability, for trusting my decisions and for allowing me to bring people here on hive. You are a blessing to each and everyone of us.


Lastly, thank you for making Hive Cebu Bloggers not just a community but a family. We appreciate you for who you are and always know that we're always here for you no matter what. We love you Gil, we wish nothing but pure happiness because YOU deserve it! 💖🥰 Enjoy your day!


From all of us,
@hivecebu Bloggers Community💖✨


Sassy Cebuana

Sassy Cebuana blogs about her personal style, lifestyle, travels, and shares about her experience being a single mom and anything in between. She wanted to inspire others by documenting it here at this little corner in hive.

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