Craving for some strawberry dessert? This post might be for you! I have finally indulged to my cravings today! I was so happy that I even dance joyfully after I had a bite of this yummy strawberry croissant.


Since today is Friday, I can't let my ootd gone to waste so I invited my friends to try this cafe located in Streetscape, Banilad Cebu City.

Being a Korean drama lover, I always see this strawberry cakes and pastries featured in most of the dramas I've watched. I was so amazed when I saw this cafe on Instagram since I really wanted to try these kind of desserts. Thats why I'm so thankful that a cafe like this existed here in Cebu.


Cafe Merci is owned by a Korean and most of their menu includes strawberry fruits which made me look forward to try it. Since I wanted to try most of them, we ordered different kind of desserts and had a bite of each one.


We didn't get to order fruit tart though because my other friend have tried it already. Instead, she ordered the strawberry chocolate tart.

As I've mentioned above, I ordered the strawberry croissant and I wasn't wrong because among the four, I love mine the most. It was super delectable that everytime I put it in my mouth my heart went happy. I love that cold cream with the strawberry fruit inside. It's super!

Look at those strawberries! It's a perfect pair for my hot caramel macchiato.

Demple ordered a sliced of strawberry cake🍓🍰. Which was really good too. I also ordered two flavors of macaroons, the strawberry and the Oreo for my daughter.

Oh, the cute beauty and the beast tea set is just a props that I requested for photo op.

It was quite pricey though, but it's worth every peso. The strawberry croissant & strawberry tart is sold for Php250.00/each and the sliced of strawberry cake is Php200.00. For the macaroons, it's Php100.00/each and my daughter seems to enjoy it when I gave it to her. It's actually her favorite dessert.

I just wish that our cup isn't disposable for the coffee though, but other than that their caramel macchiato is also good.

IMG_2318 (1).jpg




The only thing that I don't feel eating was the strawberry tart. It's still good though it's just that I don't feel eating tarts.


IMG_2356 (1).jpg

Overall, we enjoyed our dessert and get to bond again. We actually talked about our plans for my birthday and the glamping that will happen next Friday! Yay! I can't wait for it. I have a lot of events this month, mainly because it's my birth month.

How about you? What dessert are you craving lately? Let me know by dropping your comment below! Happy weekend!

P.s. As I am making this post, I am actually waiting for 12:00 midnight to sing and surprise our mother a happy birthday 🥰

Disclosure: All photos were taken by yours truly using my friend Demple's iPhone and was edited on my Lightroom.


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