In today's post, I would love to share some tips on how I achieved my picture perfect ootd photos (outfit of the day) for the blog and for my Instagram.


As you all know and I've mentioned on my intro post that my blog was born because of my love for fashion. I always love dressing up everyday. If only my work won't require me to wear uniform, then I'm always on my best dress. When I'm dressed up, it inspires me to go to work or run a simple errand.


So, back in my old blog, some of the many questions I've received from my readers were "What is the camera I used for my ootd's?, How to pose confidently? What are the tools I used in editing my photos and etc." To answer all the questions, let me tell you one thing. Creativity is the key! You don't need to own an expensive "dslr" camera which is commonly used by most of the fashion bloggers out there. Your mobile phones can do a wonderful job already. Lucky are those who just started blogging now because it's much more easier with the innovative technology we have. Looking at my photos when I started blogging, I can totally say that I am such a poor blogger. I only work with what I have, which is my phone camera (take note of the megapixel we have back then). I only get lucky whenever I have a brand collab, since I get the chance to ask a friend who owns a dslr camera to take my ootd photos.


Still, always remember that it isn't about having a dslr camera, you wanna know what is the key in achieving the perfect ootd? Here you go!

Years ago, I'm one of those girls who envy other fashion bloggers who can post a gorgeous ootd. Let's face it, good quality images is equal to more readers on the blog, more likes on instagram, more blog sponsors (more clothes!yes!), a decent looking blog and most importantly a clear vision of what you're trying to express by achieving a perfect ootd.

I have been studying for quite some time on how to achieve all of those, so I read and I research only to find out a few tips on how to do it perfectly, and here's how.


First things first, BE CONFIDENT. Always remember that how you feel about yourself will always reflect on the camera. So feel and act beautiful in front of the camera. Whatever your pose may be, I know, it will work.


FIND A GOOD BACKGROUND - always remember that you are highlighting here the clothes you wear, that's why it is called* "outfit of the day* (ootd)". The color, the design, the details and the accessories is more visible if you have a good background and please avoid taking photos indoor because natural lighting is always the best.


KNOW THE BASIC OF EDITING YOUR PHOTOS - Basic means, adjust the lighting, the curves, learn how to put a filter without overdoing it, and watermarks if necessary. You can put words into it too, especially on the blog. There are plenty of online photo editor that you can use or even download at your phone for free. I used Canva and Mobile Lightroom whenever I'm editing my photos. Just be creative about it, just don't overdo it.


**HAVE FUN!, **I am not a fashion designer, I just love fashion, so whatever I feel like wearing I flaunt it. You don't have to be a model or a blogger to do an ootd post, as long as you're happy and you're having fun while doing it then go for it! Never let other people affects you.

3 (2).jpg

6 (1).jpg

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16 (1).jpg

BE YOURSELF - last but not the least, to avoid being awkward infront of the camera, be yourself! If you're too shy to look at the camera you can always look away. You just need to be playful, look somewhere and again, you have to have FUN!

That's it! Just simple tips and tricks on how to achieve a picture perfect OOTD!

Thank you for dropping by! Adios!