Hi guys! I've been really busy the past few days since it's the first week of my daughter's online class. So today's content was inspired by her since I was listening to her the whole week on meeting her teacher and classmates. Mainly, it's a week where they introduced their names and "a tell me about yourself" period. So today, I'm gonna tell you some random facts about me that I haven't shared yet. So here we go!


I. My name is Rica Marie, but my family calls me "Cacai", I seldom use that nickname since I don't want my friends to call me that, it's just weird.

II. I graduated in college last 2007 in the field of Computer Technology.


III. I have joined several beauty pageants way back 2003 - 2007 and won several awards. Yes, it was one of my childhood dream, to become a beauty queen. I may not be able to make it to national competion but I'm still proud and happy to be able to experience it in this lifetime.

IV. Aside from dreaming to become a beauty queen, I remember that during my elementary days I used to also dream of becoming a Teacher someday, time flies and I've realized that I wanted to become an ACTRESS. I even auditioned to the famous Star Circle Quest but just made it until the second audition. It still a nice experience though.


V. After I was exposed to Pageantry, someone have seen my potentials and asked me to be part of his modeling agency. I've been a part time model as well and through this, I was able to support my family too.

VI. I used to hate red lipsticks and it's my favorite shade now.^_^

VII. I certainly hate movies like Wrong Turn and Saw, I just can't stand to watch someone getting killed horribly. I'm such a soft-hearted person. 😊

VIII. I cried when I watched A Walk To Remember, who doesn't anyway?

IX. I believe that I have a talent in singing but nobody agrees with me. haha :D


X. I have a crazy best-friend and her name is Chrissie and She's getting married next month! I'm helping her with her wedding invitations and giveaways.

XI. I used to drink and party all night during my younger years and back in my modeling days since the only time I can go out freely is when I have modeling events. I have so many drunken memories that made me really laugh and embarrassed when me and my friends started reminiscing again. 🤣


XII. I was a member of dramatic club way back in high school.

XIII. I remember that I promise myself to get married at the age of 25 and now I've realized that marriage cannot be forced, it's something that you have to think over.

XIV. I learned how to put make up when I was sixteen. In modeling you just have to do it yourself.


XV. I've always been a fashion lover and it's one of the reason why I decided to blog through


XVI. I was featured in a magazine, plus I was on the cover. :)


XVII. I used to dream of having a baby at the age of 26, another dream come true. ♥


XVIII. I love dancing! I used to be a member of Cebu Provincial Capitol Dance Troupe. And because of that, I was able to travel to Korea!

XIX. I am currently employed and I've been working in the government of Cebu for 10 years already. I've been able to travel around Cebu as well because of my job and that's one thing I love about it.

XX. If I regret anything? Absolutely no! All my past experience about Love and Relationships taught me a very big lesson in life and made me become the person I am now. In general, I am happy living life in my 33 years here on earth.

That's all folks!The 20 random facts about me :)

Q: What are the 20 Random Facts about you? Feel free to blog about it and don't forget to drop me a comment and your blog link, I would be very happy to read it. God Bless you all and thanks for dropping by.


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