As promised, here's another photographs that I managed to take inside and at the back of Capitol Building with some real creepy stories about ghost. Since this is a heritage building, some said it's haunted at night. Are you ready to hear some of the horror stories that I and my colleagues have experienced? I hope you are, because this will be a long story about the things we experienced being an employee here.


I started my job here ten years ago. During my first year I was really busy making reports and programs that we needed to spend over-time work in the office. I have heard stories already from my colleague who have a third eye that there were ghosts in our establishment. One day, when I was really busy that I needed to photocopy a whole book, I checked the time and it was passed 5:00 in the afternoon. Most of my colleagues went home already. I didn't realized that I was the only one left in the office. While I was busy operating the copier machine, I felt something creepy. I got goosebumps all of a sudden. My heart started to beat faster. You know that feeling when you're watching a horror movie? That's what I felt during that time. I wanted to run, but I can't, since the copier is still running and I needed to finish it that day. When the machine stops, I heard something inside our boss's office. It seems that there's someone sitting on our boss's swivel chair as I've heard the chair making a noise. I thought it was my colleague who wanted to scare me, so i called out his name but no one replied. Out of my curiosity, I pushed the door that was slightly open and saw the chair turning by itself. I quickly ran outside as I was really scared. My heart is thumping so loud that I ran out of breath as I went to the neighboring office that was still open with several employees who rendered overtime as well. They asked me what's wrong and I asked them to accompany me back inside the office since I still haven't unplug the copier machine inside and my stuff was still inside.
So one of them who don't believe in ghost bravely went inside the office for me to get my stuff and unplug the machine. He went laughing as he handed me over the book I photocopied and my stuff. He said, "there's nothing in there, I saw a cat though, it jumps through the window." I know it wasn't the cat because I saw it with my own two eyes how the chair moved and turned that it seems someone was sitting on it. After that incident happened, I always make sure that I've done everything between the 8:00 am to 5:00 pm time frame.
But then I was transferred to a different office as I was asked to facilitate an ongoing program, the Obra Negosyo Eskwela back in 2013. There were a lot of things to do and I was incharge to assist my senior colleague that we had to render an overtime work. I'm not that scared anymore though, because at least, I wouldn't be left alone. As we were busy making the printouts of the program, we decided to turn on the radio to listen some songs. It was past 8:00 in the evening already and we're almost done. All of a sudden, the radio went crazy. It started to volume up that it was so loud and I tried to run towards the radio to turn it off, but the volume started to volume down. I hold the tuning button and tried to turn it off. Both me and my senior colleague have stared each other and slowly packed our stuff to go home. My senior colleague told me that whenever things like that happens, it's a sign that they want us to leave already.
Another scary stories happened not to me but to my colleagues.

One morning, when my colleague came early, around 6 in the morning and she was just alone trying to turn on the lights, someone whispered something on her ears that made her ran outside. Starting that day, she decided not to come in early. Another incident as well, was when the in-charge of the cleanliness of our office went there on a Saturday to clean up each cubicle experience something really frightening that even hearing it made me shiver in fear. After all the cleaning, he got so tired and decided to rest a bit so he laid down the sofa. He closed his eyes and tried to sleep. When he woke up, as soon as he opened his eyes, he saw a lady staring at him wearing a traditional costume just right in front of him that made him jump out of nervousness. The lady just disappeared and he tried to calm himself before he went out. That experience though made him get used of those strange things.




There are still a lot of scary stories to tell but I guess it will make this post super long. I'll just leave you with these and will tell you more on a separate post.
All of us are aware already that there are ghosts who occupies the same space but they only let us feel whenever we are alone or it's not our time to occupy the office yet. So everytime we came in early we always greet them and ask their permission that it's our time already.










That's it for today. How about you? Do you have some scary stories to tell? Let me know by dropping it down the comment below.

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Disclosure: All photos were taken by yours truly using my Nikon D3200 and was edited on my Lightroom.


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