What are the crazy things you did for love? This was the first question popped in my head when I came across this book as I was scanning through the book shelf in a book store. Then memories popped on my head and I smiled. I even asked this question on my IG story because it piqued my interest to know other people's story. There were few of my followers who answered the said question that made me smile. I will also share mine right after I'll tell you my review and why I read this book entitled "What I Did For Love".

Aside from the sassy book cover that made me picked this one, the title itself draws my attention. The book was written in Taglish, both Tagalog and in English. I've read the synopsis at the back, and in some ways brought me back to those days that I was also afraid of loving someone. The main lead of the story is an NBSB or No Boyfriend Since Birth, named Leanya Marie Rhame who happens to meet someone that changed her life, but the funny thing is, it isn't the ending she wished she'll have.

The author of the book started writing and uploading his stories on wattpad which I found amazing too since I also wrote several stories on wattpad but the thing is, I haven't finished any of it yet. Given that the author is a guy, I wanted to read the book even more since most of the point of view of the story is from the main female lead. Being a hopeless romantic kind of girl, I was drawn to the story as it started but at the middle, I have a feeling though that it won't be the ending I wished to happen. Then reality strucks me, Ahh, this is it, it can actually happen in real life. The lesson of the story though, is to never get swayed easily but I know it's hard especially if you use your heart. I don't want to narrate the story since my friend @simpledemple will be reading the book next too. The story made me relate to myself since she end up being a single mom for a while but she had her own happy ending though.

The male lead has his own point of view at the end, it's a special page that the writer wished to share. I just rolled my eyes as I've read his point of view. He's such a jerk! That's all I can say. And the book will tell you that everything happens for a reason. I bought the book for only Php175.00 and bought some too at Book Sale which I will be reading soon after this blog post.

So? What are the crazy things I did for love?

So many years ago, I met someone out of town, in Mindanao to be exact. We met during one of my modeling gig in Zamboanga and have been exchanging messages and calls. It was a long distance relationship for months. Three months after, I had the chance to travel to Mindanao, at Dipolog City for another gig. It was a nine (9)hours drive from the City of Zamboanga. And because I wanted to see him and to be with him, I went crazy and rode a bus right after our event. I traveled early dawn and arrived in the afternoon. I was alone but I was brave enough to travel given that I'm in Mindanao. There were a lot of checkpoints from here to there. My body was aching but for me, during that time, it was worth it. He picked me up at the bus station, with a chaperon 😂. He brought me to a restaurant and we had a date then right after I went back to Dipolog, I traveled nine hours again. Imagine trying to travel so far but then you only get to be with that person for 4 hours?!! 😂 And everytime I tried recalling it, it makes me laugh. Our relationship didn't last long, because it's a long distance relationship. Also, I was too young back then, I guess we were never meant to be. Also, always remember to never be afraid to love someone, because you will never experience what love really is if you wouldn't get hurt. ☺️ It may not turn out the way you want it to be, but trust me, God has a plan for you why he let those painful things happened to you.

IMG_20220111_194358 (1).jpg
Going back to the story, I ended up not really that happy with the story line. Since, I wanted to read a happy ever after kind of story especially that I wanted to escape from reality when I'm reading books. I wanted to go to different places just by reading books and wanted to feel like I was the main character. In the book, the places was not really the ideal places I wanted to go. The beach scene wasn't really described well, especially the scenery. Still, I'm rating the book 7/10. I love that it reminded me of myself few years ago. ☺️

This year, I wanted to read books more. I'd soon be posting about my plans and goals for this year. I'm manifesting that this year will be my year. ☺️

So, how about you? What are the crazy things you did for love? Let me know by leaving your comments below! Have a lovely day Hivers! 😘

Photographer: @simpledemple thank you memsh😘



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