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After our successful hivelloween event, I can't help but to feel ecstatic and at the same time, I feel so proud being part of our community. It's been all over hive blog and the talk of the town especially that we have been mentioned on @theycallmedan 's [blog]( and @purepinay was given a shout out for the initiatives and the heart she put into it. I actually made this video during our hivelloween event and was played during our dinner time. I have included some photos during our hivelloween event and currently planning for the next big one! So how did this community started? I hope you can spare some time, just a little amount of your time to watch the video above. My hivemazing journey here in the platform wouldn't be possible without my @hivecebubloggers Community. I am just so blessed to be able to found a home in this platform. A home where I can simply be myself and be loved by many. A home where everyone supports and lift each other up. A home where nobody gets left behind.


It has been an amazing journey and I can't wait for our upcoming hive meet up to discuss Hive with our newbies @lifewithera , @itskach, @travelwithdale , @tanawabai , @neckbr3ak , @queenmeiko22 , @jezwanderer and @arnyray . Along with our community leaders @explorewithsasha @jongcl @asasiklause ,yours truly and with our amazing @purepinay together with our talented @gerel. Also, a big shout out to @acidyo for the @ocd on boarding program, because without this program, we wouldn't be able to form an amazing community and now becoming a big happy family here in hive. 🥰 As we unfold our journey, together hand in hand, we want nothing but a lovely and amazing Hive Community! ✨ Cheers 🥂

P. S.
There's a problem with the audio when I tried to save it using my canva editor. 😭 There was supposedly a background music.


Sassy Cebuana

Sassy Cebuana blogs about her personal style, lifestyle, travels, and shares about her experience being a single mom and anything in between. She wanted to inspire others by documenting it here at this little corner in hive.

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